2011 White Mountains 100

16 hrs 15 min. I'm pretty happy, especially since I was able to do it on my beloved single-speed fat-tire bike.
Race Awards:
'Most Camera-Ready' (looking good & fresh, always smiling, positive attitude)
'Most Revolutions' (single-speed bike)

Big thanks to Ed & Anne and all the volunteers who made it happen.

Here are some photos...
5 am breakfast: Ham & Cheese - fat & protein, Eggs - protein and long-burning cholesterol, peppers - vitamin C, and toast - carbs, with lots of butter.

Ridgeline trail heading to Beaver Creek, after Checkpoint 1
Hillside before dropping down to Beaver Creek, with a view of Cache Mountain Divide

Trail heading to Checkpoint 2, Cache Mountain Cabin
Quick water expel and intake along the trail

Cache Mountain Cabin, Checkpoint 2
Looking back down the south side of Cache Mountain Divide

Panorama from on top of Cache Mountain Divide

Not too thrilled with just having pushed my bike a few miles 
The 'ice lakes' in a very forgiving mood

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  1. Enjoyed your photos in Ken's book. God bless


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