WM100: Arctic Endurance

WM100: Arctic Endurance from Jeremiah Lafleur on Vimeo.

J.R. Lafleur's documentary on the White Mountains 100 Bike/Foot/Ski race in Interior Alaska, an event that both of us, and many other people in and around Fairbanks, Alaska, hold very near & dear to our hearts.

J.R. grew up in Fairbanks and is a long-time bike racer and my fellow co-owner of Far North Fatbikes, and I have done the course three times - once solo & self-supported, once racing the WM100 on my fatbike, and another time on fatbikes with my good friend, Brett Parks. I also volunteered for the race it's inaugural year, in 2010, so I have been involved with it, in some fashion, all three years of it's existence.

The White Mountains 100 is unarguably the best organized race in the state of Alaska, as you can probably well see from the video.

J.R. & I filmed the 2012 race using his Sony XA-10 video camera & Nikon D3100, via snowmachine.
I'm very happy with the results and his ability to put it all together in such a captivating story.

Check out his other work on his Vimeo page and follow my progress this March as I race on my fatbike.


  1. Thanks for posting Josh, looks like a fantastic event put on and raced for all the right reasons :)

  2. Destiny determined21 October, 2012 13:33

    Nice job on the video, Josh! I found out via friends they are getting a group of bikers here and the Methow Valley. Exciting stuff.... I don't think I'll find the best snow biking area like I would in Fairbanks, but at least it's friggen cold! Have a great winter biking season!

  3. Good post, thanks for sharing. I think it is great to do such things, they're inspiring. I'll show this to my wife and maybe sometime we will have an Arctic Adventure too.


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