That's so 90's

Custom 2013 Salsa Mukluk 2 [singlespeed friendly, 7000 series aluminum, & 29er geometry]
with tubeless [rolling efficiency, ride quality] folding Husker Du's [low weight, great traction]
on custom-drilled Speedway Uma II 90mm wheels (reduced weight, strong bead lock, & high strength)
and laced to Six 1 Six hubs (light weight!!!) via a Rolff paired-spoke build (increased square inches of metal cut-out, strong design).
Fatback cranks (most outboard chainring spacing for tire clearance, winterizable) & carbon fork (low weight, ride quality)
Carbon bars (warmth in extreme cold, vibration dampening) & seatpost (vibration dampening).
XO 9-speed rear & grip shift (precise fast shifting) & XTR cassette (low weight).
Ergo grips (100-miler comfort) with bar ends (helps keep poagies on grips).
Pimped with Revelate Designs baggage (carries winter gear on commutes & wilderness trips).
Built by winter biking pros at Beaver Sports in Fairbanks, Alaska (top 2 winter fatbike shop in U.S.)
Thank you Kevin Breitenbach, Jeff Gilmore, & Brian!
Bike's stripped weight is 31 lbs. Front wheel is 7 & rear is 8 with the cassette.

The igloo is fitting for Fairbanks.


  1. I think I wet myself a little when I saw this bike. Dang! Beautiful rig and I love the extra large cutouts. Think they'll hold up to use and abuse?

  2. Did the dividend just roll in? That's one helluva bike.

    If there is one bike to do it all, it's definitely that one.

  3. Ha! Thanks guys! I love it.
    Phil, I rode 100s of lesser quality aluminum cut out to the max and they held up so far, after two years of riding year round. I'm not worried about these at all.
    Weight coming soon.

  4. IwannafatbikeIwannafatbikeIwannafatbikeIwannafatbike

  5. LOL! SellallyourotherbikesSellallyourotherbikesSellallyourotherbikes

  6. 31 lbs. Front wheel 7 lbs, rear 8 with cassette.

  7. Very nice build, Josh... Enjoy.

  8. IneedafatbikelikethisIneedafatbikelikethisIneedafatbikelikethisIneedafatbikelikethisIneedafatbikelikethis =)

  9. very nice bike, where did you get the rim tape from?

  10. Thanks, Hannes. Got it at a craft store, but be careful... the really thin decorative ribbon I got was indeed too thin - it tore & did not work well. It's been replaced with something stronger.
    Normal decorative ribbon works great and we've been using it up here in AK for years. I got stuff that was significantly thinner; almost mesh-like. Don't get stuff like mesh!


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