Looking Past the Cold

Last night, I bought airline tickets to fly to SoCal and race the Stagecoach 400.
400 miles of desert mountain biking in late-April sounds nice right now, as the mercury is still falling past 35 below zero.
It'll be bikepacking and sleep deprivation at its finest. To quote JayP, 'I plan to go to places in my mind I've never been before.'

Here's a sample of what I can expect... photo courtesy of Hub Cyclery in Idyllwild, CA, who puts the race on.

I can't begin to say how excited I am, not only for this race, but the 3,000+ miles of mountain bike racing and trips I have planned.
It should be a year to remember and a year that will take me to incredible places, both on the map and in my heart & mind.

More on the other 2,600 miles of biking races and trips to come... Stay tuned and, as always, thanks for being awesome viewers!


  1. Wow, will you have to acclimatize to the SoCal weather when you step off the plane from AK? Or will you just go 'Ahhhhhhhhh' and revel in the warmth :)

  2. haha, I'm really hoping it's the latter! Thanks Joe!


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