Adventure by Bike

Adventure by Bike has summed up this year, thus far, and will continue to do so for the long foreseeable future.

And that is great.

I'm about to depart on the biggest trip/adventure/race/ride/undertaking I've ever attempted, the Stagecoach 400 - a mountain bike race from Idyllwild, CA to San Diego & back, through the desert, mountains, coast, etc. I am and have been busy racing the Mukluk & preparing for this race the past two months, so I'll do a winter re-cap when I get back in May. It'll be a good launch into this summer's extensive ride plans. I'll also unleash the best news I've gotten in a long time, as it's still in the works.

It has a little something to do with 'Adventure by Bike.'

For now, it's time to go far on the Fargo. More soon, in 400 miles.


  1. Good luck on the Stagecoach Josh and congratulations on your future 'Adventure by Bike' :)

  2. Have a good one!There's a really good bakery at Idyllwild, by the name of Honey Bun and Joe's. I recommend the cinnamon rolls (-:

  3. Just realised - it's been and gone!

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